January 2, 2008

New Years resolutions

Only one more festivity to go -- La Befana on January 6 -- before we can close the holiday parenthesis and get on our way into 2008.

New Year resolutions:

Lose those 3 kili that have been creeping up over the last few years and keep up with my routine of regular exercise (sounds familiar, see this entry from the same time last year).

Gather together my various writing, training, speaking/presenting activities; add coaching skills; package it up into a "cross-cultural moments" business and take it on the road, with my blog in the passenger seat as a navigator and friend (I am starting a professional coach certificate program next week).

Support my children through their bi-cultural development to becoming who they are.

Be thoughtful and correct in my dealings with others, carry through on promises and perform small acts of friendship.

Leave space every day to be curious and creative while fine tuning critical sense (I like this definition of critical sense: "the ability to distinguish between those things that are commonplace and meaningless and those that are elegant and special").

Listen to others with the intention to understand.

and, read lots of good books.

Sounds like a good year to me, and yours?

a domani,

Here is a link to an acticle I wrote for The Roman Forum magazine last October on "Cross-Cultural Driving Lessons", and here is a rebuttal written by another TFR contributor, "Driving in Rome?: A second opinion". The contrast is fun to read.

Anyone out there follow professional volleyball? Here is an article on the M.Roma A-series team.

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