February 17, 2010

New site, new blog!

Well, here it is....


my newest blog entry is now hosted over there (clic on "blog").
Still working out the kinks, so bear with me, but this is sneak preview for my favorite readers.

I will let you know when I get "The Expat Gym" enrollment set up.

feedback WELCOME!!

a domani,

February 16, 2010

Ways of thinking

I found this story on a forum and it is a wonderful example of differences in approaches to thinking things through and decision making processes.

I sat on a European subcommittee for several years and was able to observe the different thinking styles being played out. These differences would considerable misunderstanding and conflict and quite often produce a total impasse. Much of the ways of thinking owe a large part to the legacy of British Empiricism (as per David Hume). This will often manifest itself such that if someone suggests an idea the boss' will ask for proof that a viable and effect project plan can be produced: only then will the idea be given adequate consideration. On the other hand, French thinking owes much to the legacy of Cartesianism (as per Rene Descartes). This would be manifested in the French industrialists and academics paining the 'big idea' and asking for agreement first and then later working on the project plan. Attempts by the Dutch, British and German members to seek the viable project plan first so that they could take it back to their respective institutions for approval were clearly seen as obstructive behaviours. Agree the big idea first and then work out the plan versus prove it is viable then we can sigh off on the big ideas are 180 degree opposite ways of thinking. The net result was that the British and Dutch contingent never got sign off and so lost out on the funding!

a presto,

February 1, 2010

Deadlines come and go

Deadlines are what drive S. crazy. "They don't keep to deadlines!!" she exclaimed, "and it drives me crazy".

"So, what do you do?" I asked.

"Well, for example this morning I set a meeting time, then I sent an email to everyone, then I followed up with individual phone calls about 30 minutes before, then I arrived on time, and waited."


"A few people started wandering in about 15 minutes later, chatting on their phones with a coffee, others arrived and finally about 30% of the group was there."

"Well, is it ALWAYS this way, I mean, I've seen Italians come through with everything well organized and on time, haven't you?"

"oh, yes, of course, on time, everything prepared, perfectly, sometimes."

"Well, what is going on when it works? What is different? What works, when it works?

Her pumpkin ravioli froze in mid-air as she stopped to think, and down it went to rest on her plate as she continued to reflect. And I patiently waited. In silence.

Slowly she looked up, "that would be when they own the question. Then deadlines are not an issue, it all gets down, wonderfully and on time."

"So, what will you do next time you need to have everyone at a meeting?"

a domani,