December 15, 2009

Expat persona

Today I would like to share a great blog post that talks about how we take on an "expat persona" while living abroad -- even using a new name that better fits our "other" self. My expat persona name is Elizabeth, which is actually my first name, but not the name I had ever been called by friends and family back home.

Comments to the blog post below include:

"I find that “Ana” is really a facet of my very self–she’s always been there, but it took moving to the Czech Republic to find this “Ana” part of myself."

"I feel like I’ve become more of myself and discovered new depths to my character."

"I was given local names which didn’t stick, but recognize your concept of a persona custom-made for (and by) a particular culture or setting. Personality fracture is a definite issue when your context changes…such a strange, internal tension when important and vibrant parts of yourself are put into cold storage — but, as you showed, also a chance to let a new piece of yourself come forward."

"I like the idea that when you move to a new country and change your language, that your name changes too. It’s pronounced differently, shortened. Your new friends shape it to suit their language. There are people that complain when their name is pronounced differently. I like it when that happens. I have the feeling of reproducing myself. I like being many people.”

"….odd how a name change for local pronunciation convenience can actually take on meaning for us."

Can any of you relate to the comments above?

Click HERE for the link.

a domani,
E (e leez a bet)