January 6, 2008

More on trash

A small, insignicant cog in the wheel of the Napolitan trash machine wrote a letter to the newspaper about his role in today's piles of mess.

He is an expert, not a politician, a trash-master and engineer who has written articles for foreign journals on tecnical aspects of trash management. A representative of an American-based global company that is a leader in the field, contacted him while in Naples, for his expertise. After presenting concrete and feasible solutions to the Naples trash question using modern equipment and techniques, the representative asked our Man in Naples to present a proposal through the appropriate channels, which he did. No response. Need we wonder why?

Unfortunately the American global company did not understand how to get a proposal examined, Neapolitan style. Certainly not with a practical, rational, technical approach. No one with decision making power would ever read a proposal sent up from the ranks, it would have to fall on his/her desk from above, with an "note of encouragement" attached.

Too bad for Naples. Too bad for the American company. Too bad for the technical expert.

a domani,

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