December 30, 2007

Health and happiness

Back in Rome, salvi e sani, after a few ER runs while in Trento. One son has finally finished with 12 days of fever, one antibiotic following another, a couple of xrays (nasal/frontal and chest), various doctor visits (our ASL doctor even came to the apartment to check for signs of meningitis when his fever went over 40 and called us on Christmas eve to check up), a midnight call to the Guardia Medica and a Christmas morning ER visit. Total expense: five euro to rent a aereosol machine for a few days and the cost of a nose spray and fisiological water.

Then I managed to slice off a piece of my thumb along with the bread which led to another ER run, a two hour wait (Dec 26 was a big day for ski accidents), medication and sterilstrips in the place of stitches. Total expense: 0. Today I nipped down to the hospital to change the dressing and check the beast and they sent me to the Red Cross because the ambulatiorio was closed on Sunday. Total expense: 0.

Everyone was helpful, thorough, professional. No medical horror stories for today -- and this all took place between December 17 and 30. I know that national health systems have their problems, and in Italy these problems can be augmented by the posto fisso mentality that goes hand-in-hand with government lifetime jobs, but, when it works, it works, and today I feel like I got service for my taxes.

A Christmas gift?

a domani,


sognatrice said...

Good to know everyone is OK--and that the health system does well every once in a while ;)

Buon anno!

bruna said...

Courage Elisabeth you did well especially considering the saying in Rome que non si trova un asperino a Roma il giorno di natale!

I have family in Piazza San Giovanni via Appia Nouva and I have vivid memories of ambulances to and from the hospital close by!

Your Blog is fantastique! I have a lot to learn in this domaine.. keep well and Buon Capodanno (my surname) and consequently my party at the end of this year!!
A presto Bruna

Roam2Rome said...

I'm glad everyone is doing well, and it's refreshing to hear your take in life's day to day instances as an Italy expat since so many out there are just draining and unproductive. Refreshing.

Well, it's been a privilege reading your blog in 2007. I may have been lurking around in the shadow, but I must say that this blog is absolutely my #1 favorite. Look forward to 2008!

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Abbot said...

After my holiday from blogging, it is time to get the juices going again. Thanks for your words of encouragement! Now I will just have to live up to your expectations. Having had my one year anniversary, it's time to take stock on the direction this blog will go (sounds like an entry to me).
Best for the New Year.

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you had to make an ER run for a bread knife incident too! My scar is still healing! Luckily you didn't need actual stitches.

Glad your son is feeling better. Ale and I both came down with the flu around the same time. Luckily just mild fevers and nothing serious, but a bummer nonetheless. I think most of Rome was sick right before New Year's... the docs office was out of control, everyone with the same flu.

Wishing you a wonderful 2008, good luck with your resolutions, business plans and blog!