March 11, 2009

Stream of consciousness

I participate in a number of forum discussions through the social network "linked in" and find it annoying that many forum posts ask questions or propose discussions with the underlying (often blatant) agenda of eventually selling you something -- not a great way to build relationships among colleagues.

In any case, the discussion generally runs along with short interventions by each player.

Not on the Italian Coaching Forum!
The last discussion opened with a question about the distinction between a manager and a leader -- and boy did those responses come through!

A certain Giovanni left a one paragraph response of 497 words.
Then Fabio intervened with his thoughts that spanned another single paragraph of 467 words. The last one came in from Giuseppe at 427 words -- one paragraph. (and you know my cross-cultural moments with regards to paragraphs, see HERE).

Whew. Who can wade through these philosophical meanderings!

But at least there is no underlying agenda "sell,sell,sell" -- theirs is the sheer enjoyment of free-flowing expression.

Odd that they were all men -- must be that the women were too busy with their double duties.

a domani,

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Madeline said...

I'd love to read the thread you talk about, and I am on LinkedIn but I have never figured out how to use the forums. I've gone into "Answers" and then not sure how to progress.