January 28, 2009

What I do

I have been developing a FAQ sheet to follow up inquiries about coaching and I thought I would share the first page with you.
There is a second page with even more answers to more questions that get more practical as they go along. Contact me to continue....

What do you do?
I am an executive and personal coach, specializing in helping international professionals make a difference.

What do you mean by make a difference?
You make a difference when you are effective in the present and focused on the future. You perform at your best when you are empowered by a sense of purpose that is grounded in your values and driven forward by your natural strengths. (sounds like someone we know -- see the post below).

Am I an international professional?
Anyone who chooses to live and work among new, changing and even challenging cultural and multicultural environments is an international professional – this could be with an international or non-governmental organization, a government, multinational or as an independent consultant. You know how to adapt and seek to grow and thrive in ongoing change and complexity.

What kind of change are you talking about?

Change from a new cultural environments, new professional roles or functions, new ways of thinking, behaving, managing, making decisions, leading.

What is a professional coach?
A coach that is certified by an ICF accredited training program, in my case, by the International Coach Academy, www.icoachacademy.com

What is coaching?
Coaching is a methodology to help people achieve the positive change they want in their personal and professional lives – to be and do their best. With a coach, you create a partnership that has one objective -- helping you create what you want from your life and work. Together you seek possibilities, identify what works and design ways to do more of it. The relationship is always honest and sincere, with the client -- and their skills, creativity and recourses -- as the center of focus.

How does it work?
A coach creates a safe environment in which you can explore and take risks, provides support and guides your attention, helps you take action to move forward and maintains confidentiality at all times.

Who is your ideal client?
I work with people who are thoughtful and curious, high-performing, articulate and self-aware. They want to be and do their best to make a difference in the world and are open to change in their lives to get there. They are willing to engage in an adult learning process that inspires personal and professional progress.


Gori Girl said...

How did you get into this field, if I might ask?

Elizabeth Abbot said...

The short story..Interest in coaching came out of cross-cultural training, training from preparing orientations for cultural exchange programs, cultural exchange from international education and before that working cross-culturally within development organizations. It has been a long path and everything I have done has contributed to my commitment to coaching. I also have completed Professional Coach Certification.