June 4, 2008

Up and down

It's the time thing again.

The official trial run and authorization for the new elevator had been organized for today between 9-11:00 am. I blocked out the time in my agenda and planned accordingly to be at home for the event.

Then panic struck at about 11:30 last night. I hadn't re-confirmed by phone within 24 hours of the appointment, would they still come? I always manage to forget this little detail, I mean, an appointment is an appointment and once in my agenda, sticks, at least for me.

How many times have I been caught out by this silly idea that time can be somehow controlled into the future. I think I have made an appointment that is written in stone only to discover that it was only the "idea" of an appointment for the other party. "Ah, Signora, but we hadn't spoken again about the matter, so I assumed...."

In any case, they did come, and on time!
I think I'll even go take a ride on the elevator to celebrate.

a domani,

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