June 11, 2008

Culture Crossing

I would like to introduce a new "web 2" initiative that found its way to my virtual doorstep (via this blog). It is a new site called Culture Crossing, an "evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world."

What distinguishes this site from the many "culture guides" on the internet is that it is a grass-roots, user-built guide -- a real live cultural being in itself, changing and growing with each new submission.
I'm impressed and I have promised to add to their guide on Italy. Why not join me and add your impressions too, about Italy and any other country you know well. "The basics" include: greetings, communication styles, personal space, eye contact, time, gestures, gender rules and taboos. There is also a section for business and another for students.

Great blog too!

Time to give back to the global community!

a domani,
(I have put this site in my links on your right for future reference)


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about how accurate some of the tips for Italy are on that Culture Crossing website. For example:
"Appointments and deadlines tend to be kept and most transportation services run on time"

Not exactly true here in Rome.

Elizabeth Abbot said...

A good reason to add your perspective on how things work here!