May 7, 2008

A haircut away

Busy days and lots of traveling about, but I will be back!
As I told a friend today, my big goal these days is to finally get my hair cut, something that has been on my mind since before my USA trip. I seem to keep finding Monday to be a good day -- only to remember that, of course, hairdressers (as museums) are closed on Mondays.

So, when I opened up today's "google alert" and found this piece on getting a haircut in Turkey, I had to laugh and pass it along to you.

Maybe I will have better luck when I get back from Trento next week.

a domani,


Paul Graffagnino said...

Hey Larc,

I've been meaning to check in here for some time after reading your note in the alumni magazine, and finally got around to it. Well done - lots of interesting stuff.

Though I don't have the decades of expat experience, even I get some "moments" here in the melting pot of Silicon Valley with my little law practice and its cross-border aspects.

And I liked reading your personal insight into the recent Italian elections. As you know I've got a bit of a historical connection with what goes on over there, even though it's a few generations back.

I'll be checking back - warm regards. Ciao.

Elizabeth Abbot said...

Hi Paul!!
sorry so long to get back to you.
Going back in time, guess who is visiting me these days -- Susan Amato with her daughter on a Suzuki violin tour. She is also a lawyer (with Italian origins). Keep stopping by and send along any prospects for cross-cultural coaching. I have a client in Arizona,same time zone.
best to you too. Larc