April 29, 2008

happy to be home

I found this post on a blog by an American woman who lived in Italy for 15 years with her Italian husband and children before returning to her native Colorado, with the same husband and children.

There is a bit of re-entry culture shock and lots of relief at finally being able to "be herself" and not have to work so hard to "fit in".

She writes beautifully too, so this is my gift for today.

I will be away until next week and may not have online opportunities, so check back when the May flowers are finally out and the April showers are but a misty dream.

alla prossima,


Anonymous said...

So what are the major differences you have experienced for women: the freedoms, the expectations, the emotional possibilites, the "lived realities" between educated, sophisticated, Americans and Italians?

Elizabeth Abbot said...

Now that is a question to ponder and I think it deserves a post in itself. To be sure, there are differences but at the same time there are some "class stratification" issues mixed in with women on the higher end of the scale having very different freedoms, expectatons, emotional possibilites than the others.

jennifer said...

Wow- thank you for your kind words. I didn't know you read my writing, and I am grateful. I read all of your posts, even though I rarely comment. I'm just not a good commenter.
I enjoyed your haircut post today. Haircuts were a source of endless stress for me in Italy. I don't use a blowdrier or haircolor, so I would walk out of the salon feeling lik a Martian and running straight for the shower!