September 22, 2007

Beauty contests

The Miss Italia contest is always a bit depressing to watch, but this year was especially bad, so bad that even Walter Veltroni (Rome's mayor and candidate as leader of the "partito democratico") couldn't hold his tongue. Here is a translation:

"I turned on the TV and I said,"Mamma mia". I asked myself if it wasn't "Schegge" (a program that shows clips of TV programs from 20-30 years ago).....This is a backward looking country, a country that doesn't want to change and where there is a strong prevalence of experience over innovation."

Resistence to change both maintains and enhances traditions, and hinders innovation. School reforms are under discussion, again, but reforms do not take place. Political reforms are under discussion, again, but reforms do not take place. Beauty pagent reforms are under discussion, again -- change is scary, it takes optimism, risks, willingness to see things in a new way, open-mindedness and the willingness to change again if the change doesn't work out. Better to keep things as they are. There is a saying that "the evil that you know is better than the evil you do not know." Just hunker down, complain, endure and do nothing that will actually enact change. Maybe throw a street party in the form of a demonstration just to make yourself feel like you have done something.

If you didn't like the Miss Italia pagent, you could always change channels and watch more scantily-dressed women, this time "show-girls" on the talk show, "Porta a Porta", taking about female orgasms.

a domani,


Kataroma said...

I've never watched Miss Italia but considering the way women are portrayed on normal TV (ie the velene etc.) I can just imagine what a cheesecake-fest Miss Italia would be. :(

Caroline in Rome said...

I am against beauty pageants in principle. I think they should be banned, not reformed.

Anonymous said...

Miss Italia and Porta a porta? in the same post? You should put some kind of warning in the title, there's only so much one take ;)


Elizabeth said...

I didn't actually watch it, just read Veltroni's comments the next morning.

My question is, in the land of stikes, why don't Italian women get together and stage a TV strike until all those naked sweet young things go home! Maybe distract their men with the real stuff instead.