July 10, 2007

Happy meandering

A couple of questions from this not-particularly-technically-minded-blogger.

With over 100 posts to my name, I am wondering,

Is there a way to make a blog backup?
How would I go about copywriting the whole thing?

I would also love to hear your personal number one tactic for attracting readers.

Thanks to all!

This morning I googled "blog italy cultural differences" and found a few interesting posts to share:

one from a Finnish girl on Italian physical distancing.

another from a site on leader-values with a description of differences in European cultures according to Geert Hofstede's cross-cultural studies from the late 1960s.

and one last from a software geek about cultural differences in projects in which he quotes the following from a book called Agile Software Development by Alisatir Cockburn to illustrate a point:

"My early experience was with a consulting company in England, where the manager had set the project up single-handedly, developing the scope, objectives, strategy, plan, etc., and then get a team together and present the project to the team.

I tried to do this as a project manager in Italy. At the team briefing the message I got was: "That is your plan; you work to it. If you want us to work together, we plan together." Powerful message.

Then I went to Australia, where the prevailing corporate culture is that the managers make all the mistakesand everybody else just does as they are told.

I set up my first project the Italian way. I called the team together in a room with clean whiteboards, described the scope and objectives, and said, "Now let's work out together how we are going to do this." The response was: "You are the manager. You work it out, and we'll just do whatever you say."

This example made me think back to my experience at a heated school meeting. Everyone had a chance to say their own, although no conclusions were reached -- decisions were made in another context, behind closed doors.

Happy meandering.

A domani,


Megan Fitzgerald said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Great to see you so active on your blog and now adding pictures to boot! There are software programs you can use to turn your blog into a book, and service providers who do that. (I assume if you are looking to do copy editing this was you intent.) You should most definitely considering creating a book - cultural moments would be a great hit with the layment and cross-cultural communication crowd alike! Best, Megan

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Megan!
Let's catch up.