October 15, 2009

Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

A photo from yesterday's presentation at the US embassy in Rome -- Survive to Thrive: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace. It was a mixed group of new arrivals, spouses, diplomats and embassy staff (even a few Italians) and everyone was quite engaged and surprised at how much they got out of the hour.

So, I am figuring out how to make and upload a recording so that I can share the text with all of you too. Anyone want to help me crack the podcast nut?

a domani,

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Mark Rennella said...

I'd love to hear more about what you're doing. I was thinking of starting a business like yours in Boston. In any case, I just started a blog called "only connect" and I'm hoping to get people to contribute stories about positive cross-cultural interaction.

Hope we can correspond later.


Mark Rennella