October 4, 2008

a little CQ

If you don't live in Rome, or have never picked up a copy of The Roman Forum, I would like to introduce you to the monthly English-language magazine on "news and views about Rome". Over the last couple of years I have written a number of articles for them, on subjects ranging from Rome's A1 professional volleyball team to "Cross-Cultural Driving Lessons" and "A Day in Palestrina". Now I keep a column on CQ or Cultural Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Coaching.

For September's column, click Here. I am preparing another column for the November issue today -- so keep you eyes on the newstand!

Buona Domenica,

1 comment:

Paolo said...

How exciting!!

You use VIA signature strengths, too?!???

I think it is a great way to introduce a coaching conversation, waaaaaayyyy better than a traditional assessment...
glad to see someone else using it!!

Have a great time writing your columns,