March 20, 2008

Nice little thoughts

I have been a bad blogger of late and I do apologize, just a bit too much going on elsewhere in my life and I needed a mental break.


I am off to the States just after a quick hop to Trento for Easter, and I am SURE that I will have lots of re-entry cultural moments to stimulate my blogging fingers. So be patient and stop by next week.

Today, I finished my long list of pre-departure "things to do" in time for a bit of shopping to pick up pensierini (or little thoughts) for the trip. My first days will be in the Boston area house-hopping among friends, then there are few sisters with birthdays coming up and my Mom....

So I stopped by my favorite little stock-out shop in Monteverde and picked up about 10 small items while chatting with the owner (we, of course, have a "relationship"). Then, she individually wrapped each one with paper, ribbon, little flowers and other ornaments tied on here and there. She even used a special kind of two sided tape so that it doesn't show. Each package is wrapped differently, depending on the size, and her fancy as she debated between the red glossy ribbon or the coarse-grain yellow one.

It took forever! But what can you do but stand by in awe of the care and dedication to all that makes life "nice".

Sometimes it just takes a pensierino to remind us to think nice little thoughts.

I hope that customs doesn't open up my suitcase and trash them all!!

a domani,

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