June 19, 2007

vote today!

Today was an exciting day for two reasons.

As you can see from the logo to your right, a certain Chris Abraham nominated my blog for the "best educational blog" on the "blogger's choice awards" site. Click on the logo, sign up for the site and vote! THis is of course assuming that you are a regular viewer and have enjoyed my "vignettes with a lesson". The more votes the better. Thanks Chris (whom I have never met, even virtually).

I also picked up a copy of The Roman Forum magazine and there it was, my article on the American expat community. The introduction says, "In the run-up to this year's July 4 celebrations, cross-cultural blogger Elizabeth Abbot paints a comprehensive picture of Rome's constantly evolving and ever increasing American community." I am pleased that the editor pegged me as the "cross-cultural blogger" yet again. I also mentioned my blog in "author's note" at the end. I hope I have a few new readers as a result! The article is not on-line because it has just come out hard copy, check back to the website later.

Although the article was not on cultural differences, I did add one paragraph near the end that I would like to share.

"But there is something that keeps more and more Americans coming. A desire to experience the balance that Italian culture defines -- a halfway point between the harsh Anglo-American ones based on the individual and driven by time, and the Eastern cultures that are just a bit too different and impenetrable. Italy offers the best of both, a meeting place along the cultural spectra and that is its fatal allure."

Thanks to all for your interest and support.

a domani,


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Congrats on the article. I clicked on the site and nothing came up. Will we be able to find it online?

Sue Pelletier said...

Congratulations on both accounts! While it's not quite as exciting, you did get another media mention recently:


You have my vote.