May 23, 2007

Soccer priorities

Sciopero or strike -- a word that always sends a chill down your spine.

Yesterday it was the air controllers for a true "black Tuesday", 500 flights cancelled, only a third Alitalia, the rest other Italian and European carriers.

I immediately ask, "why", but the newspaper only tells me "who" adhered to the strike. The Atm-pp (that includes the Sacta, Licta, Anpcat, e Cila-av) says that 70% adhered, others estimate only 15%. Boh. It was about the "signing of an agreement" which was never further specified in the long article.

In any case, do not fear, the "tifosi" or fans of the Milan soccer team were guaranteed flights to Athens for the final match of the Champions League that took place this evening (Milan won).

Gotta keep your priorities straight and appease the crowds, even under a strike. Sorry, but I have to say it,..."only in Italy". I guess it has to do with the "rule thing",rules and their particular application -- a strike, yes, as long as it doesn't effect the Champion League Finals fans. Rules, but in moderation, applied to some but not to others

a domani,

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