February 27, 2007

Emergency room

We spent the evening at the emergency room -- don't worry, just to do an x-ray that confirmed there was no fracture.
No Italian health system horror stories to tell for today. We registered at the entrance (my son popped up in the computer from previous ER visits to other hospitals in the city), waited about a half hour, had an x-ray, conferred with the doctor while he wrapped a stick to two of his fingers and left. What's missing?

You got it, no payment or insurance forms to fill out. Now that's a different concept of what is "fair" -- emergency health care for all! Think about that the next time you get an urge to complain about the lack of lines.

a domani,

p.s. I also delived both my sons at this hospital on the Isola Tiberina at no charge -- no creature comforts either, but you get what you pay for, medical care and BYOTP.


sognatrice said...

I had an emergency room experience as well (mine was a fracture though), and it was rather heavenly to float from one spot to another without filling out a million forms or paying. And actually my wait wasn't long either. You definitely have to treasure those good days :)

Anonymous said...

Frankly, you and others similar economic status would have had a similar experience in the US--depending, of course, on your coverage. My sons had 'portfolios' of x-rays, being athletic and active teenages and I never waited to see a physician and paid a only small co-payment about $5. The difference is that here in Italy everyone is covered, even short-term residents and tourists. AND presciption drugs are free or very reasonably priced and one does not wait for service here ans one does in the US.