October 17, 2007


To your right is a button "Blogger's Choice Awards, Best Educational Blog". My blog has been nominated and to date has received 16 votes. It won't make it into the final top three by November, but I would love to see it move from halfway down page three to page two with your help -- only seven votes!

So, if you find this blog thought-provoking and in some vague way "educational", clic on the logo, sign up for the site and vote. If my mother could do it (and she can barely turn on a computer), so can you.

I did receive one comment in addition to votes:
This blog manages to take the universal and make it personal, and vice versa. She does a terrific job of digging deeply into intercultural disparities, and the places where we all intersect as human beings. Always has good food for thought.

Thanks to all and

a domani,

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Iota said...

Bother. I went to vote, but the voting has closed. Sorry.