October 1, 2007

Anti-politics continued

The "Anti-politics" discussions continue on the front page of la Repubblica newspaper -- yesterday la Repubblica's founding father Eugenio Scalfari responded to his disciple and current Director, Ezio Mauro (Political Castes and the Race of Patrons).The day before, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, head of the Confindustria (the industrialist's organization) put his word in too (under the title Italian Capitalism and the Waltzer of Anti-politics). Today the discussion was elevated to a European level with an editorial by Joaquin Navarro-Valls on, The Wave of Anti-politics in our Democracies. Just as Sandro Viola said it would, the discussion has evolved into one among the various powers to be, with little consideration for the audience.

Basta. It is a beautiful day. Summer has returned. I took the time for a coffee with my international friends from the pool following our early morning acquagym class -- a mix of American, British, Italian/American, South African, Russian/American, French Canadian and Belgian women that help me keep my sanity. We laugh, consult, listen, confide, advise -- isn't that what friends are for?

Today S. put forth her dilema. This time, it was not about men, but work. She teaches part-time and has been asked to serve on an ad-hoc committee that would take up tons of time over the next 4-5 months at no extra pay. In any other country, serving would eventually pay off, it would show interest, dedication, seriousness that would be taken into consideration in the future. Here, she would be used as slave labor, lose out on freelance opportunities and kick herself when they shake her hand and say "thank you so much for helping us out" before turning their backs. As they say, "da cosa nasce cosa" -- HA! I know several university adjunct professors at the Univerisity of Rome (lettori) that get asked to do things like translate 500 page documents for the barone at hand, at no pay and with no reward down the road (career advancement). It takes them awhile to figure it out -- all work, no reward. The rewards go to the league of raccommandati.

Which takes me back to the old Antipolitica discussion.....

a domani,

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