September 9, 2008

just a hop away

hello all,

It was a long break, but I promise I am back.

After a lot of moving about in August, from Sicily to Trentino, we spent the weekend just south of Rome at Sabaudia. On Saturday evening our son had a volleyball match in nearby Latina and my husband, true to form, managed to meet a local client after the match. The result: a case of vegetables (eggplant, peppers and tomatoes) and a rabbit in a plastic bag.

I raced home on my bike on Sunday afternoon to cook the beast for an early supper before heading back to Rome, but to my surprise (although I really should have thought this one through) the rabbit came out of the bag WHOLE, head and feet and all. It reminded me of another beast story.

I couldn't run to my local butcher on a Sunday afternoon and my knives were not cut out for the task at hand, so I just placed the whole thing in a pan.

I had asked my Neapolitan friend Marina and her sister-in-law how they would prepare rabbit as we chatted over coffee at the beach and, after intensely conferring, I had their detailed and thoughtful instructions to follow, so I proceeded and hoped for the best.

In the end, I pulled it apart once cooked and it was quite tasty with eggplant and peppers on the side.

Shhhh. Don't tell Lenny.

a presto,

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fromtheworld said...

I ended up on your blog just by chance. It is funny to read about someone having her cross-cultural moments in Italy. I am Italian and I live everywhere. I have a lot of cross-cultural moments, but of course, for me Italy is home. So, it is curious to read your blog. Nice