July 14, 2008

Style and good taste

I was on a relocation site and found a series of short interviews with people that had recently relocated to various places around the world. Each had to answer a few standard questions. I clicked on "Italy" and found a few answers.

Question 1. What three things do you wish you had brought with you?
The answer common to all five responses: seasoning packets

Question 2: What three things do you wish you had left at home?
The common answer: my clothes (or half at least).

Seasoning packets was a surprise, but then again, I have been here a long time. When I am in the US, those mystery packets confuse my taste buds as they strive to identify what exactly has bombarded them. There is never a distinct flavor -- just a sense of "seasoning" to cover up the flavor of what is being seasoned. I think I'll stick to a few basic herbs e basta. Bring on the basil or rosemary (one at a time).

While I never pick up seasoning packets when in the US, I always come back manned with ziplock snack bags. To each her/his own.

The second question was heartening. All noticed that Italians dress differently and felt a bit awkward and out of place in their baggy sweat suits and cotton turtlenecks.
"More stylish" was the phrase that came through. Putting on one's best is the underlying concept.

Style and good taste -- the Italian way.

a domani,

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Anonymous said...

SEASONING PACKETS?! Don't worry, it's not because you've lived so long in Italy...I have never once bought one. Or eaten one, as far as I know! But I'm lucky to live in California, where everything you could want to eat is available locally and fresh. I grow rosemary, thyme, cilantro, basil right outside my kitchen back door.