May 19, 2008

Cultural warriors

Thanks to Gillian once again for sending along the following NPR article (that's the National Public Radio for those non-Americans).

Talk about a cross-cultural moment or two! This group of Maasai warriors from Tanzania, well-trained by chasing after cattle 14-15 hours a day, flew to London to run a marathon. Enjoy this account of their pre-departure cross-cultural training in British ways.

a domani,


comidademama said...

OT so glad to find out such an interesting weblog!
I read that you renovated an apartment in Trento last year. Do you live in Trento?
Would be very interesting meeting you.
I currently live in Boston MA, but you can tell since the really fist line that I'm Italian.
I spent four years in Holland with my family, then an year and half in Trento and now one year in Boston.
My seven years old daughter spent several "cross-cultural moments" and so did we.
Our next place to lie our hat would be Trento again, whic is not our native region so we feel a bit foreigners.
I'd like to share some thoughts about not loosing the invaluable contact with the English speaking community as Italians-sort-of-expats in our own country.

A presto!

Elizabeth Abbot said...

I do not live in Trento, but my son does, so I go there every month or two for a few days and love it. You are right, it does feel foreign to an Italian (and a bit like home to me). I am originally from Connecticut with lots of friends in the Boston area, even ones that spent a year in Verona. Hope you are enjoying your American adventure and tell your daughter that I would love to here her favorite "cross-cultural moment" story. Keep in touch when you are back in Italy.

comidademama said...

Thank you for your kind reply, I'm sure we'll see each other in fall 2008