June 11, 2007

My space

Lunch conversation with my now 18 year old son -- "My space" and cultural differences (thanks to an article in today's La Repubblica "Business and Finance" section).

It seems that all his international school friends used to have "my space" pages but have now moved to "facebook" on which they spend lots of time putting up photos, music, video clips, blog entries and such after school.

His Italian liceo friends do not. They put up photos to share through a version on instant messanger, but otherwise they see each other at school and then wait until the next day, using sms messages in a pinch.

Hmmm. I'll have to think about this one.

have to run...
a domani,

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Deirdré Straughan said...

My daughter's Italian friends (in Lecco) all use fotolog - enrico.laeng@polimi.it