May 27, 2007

Election day

Tomorrow is election day for the local administration in Sabaudia and it showed -- posters with faces and slogans for the various candidates lined the streets. example: "se lo vuoi onesto, scegliere Ernesto." As we passed one large poster for a certain named Antonio, my husband exclaimed, "look at the guy, he is practically saying,"elect me so that I can take care of my cousin's land rights, my uncles legal problems and make a bunch of money for myself." He concluded that none of these candidates had any interest in the town and the people in it. A rant.

Then we got to the beach, our stabilimento, and I chatted with Titti, who basically said the same thing. I didn't respond -- best not to get involved in these rants as an outsider.

Not much faith in local politicians here, I can only suppose for good reason. I asked Salvatore, the stabilimento owner, why he didn't run for office and he shook his head, "and mix with all those thieves and no good scum..." He is not even going to vote.

So who is going to run the show?

a domani,

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Roman Mommy said...

So, who did you vote for? I'm still so caught up in observing the French political scene (presidential election, legislative election...) that Italian politics does not interest me...yet.